LED & OLED Light Extraction Materials: PDM-5004

Promerus’ solventless solution can be applied to LEDs and OLEDs to improve the overall efficiencies of display applications.

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  • 100% reactive
  • Tunable refractive index
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) or organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  • Light extraction
  • Low viscosity


Need a solution to enhance the efficiency and longevity of light-emitting or organic light-emitting display (OLED) applications?

Our proprietary blend can thermally cure to a high strength thermoset for improved light extraction.

Designed to be 100 percent reactive, PDM-5004 is a solventless solution derived from monomers. It can be tailored to a variety of viscosities for dispense techniques, such as inkjetting and traditional jet dispensing.

The formulation contains norbornene monomers that are coated directly on the substrate. During thermal cure, the monomers are polymerized in place, solidifying into a permanent material, with features of a thermoset, making PDM-5004 an ideal solution for electronic applications.

When blended with additives, it can be designed to have excellent adhesion and mechanical durability. Or, it can be designed to have a high refractive index for improved light extractability or a low refractive index for anti-reflective coatings.

This solution does not require ultraviolet light.


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