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What are your polymer application requirements?

Find out how Promerus tailors polymer properties to solve for your unique challenges in semiconductor, optoelectronic and electronic packaging markets. 

Did you know manufacturers can tailor the properties of semiconductor materials to increase elasticity, ductility and more?

While standard semiconductor materials are readily available as off-the-shelf products, few are designed for the requirements of specific target applications.

With a tailored design, manufacturers create advanced material solutions built for powerful applications that enable the technology we use to give you a competitive edge.

Download our free guide to uncover the appropriate materials for your application. 

This free guide to Promerus’ materials is designed to help you better understand your options when it comes to polymer application requirements. Additionally, the guide will help you:

  • Identify your challenges in semiconductor, optoelectronic and electronic packing markets.
  • Discover the tunable properties of your application, including glass transition temperature, refractive index and more.
  • Uncover solutions to support your mission.

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