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Unlock Your Competitive Advantage: How to Tailor the Properties of Semiconductor Materials for Your Next Project

Oct 9, 2018 8:54:40 AM / by Leah Langsdorf

Competitive-AdvantageThe semiconductor industry produces some of the world’s most advanced products. 

Thanks to advances in research and development, the industry is well positioned to serve as a leader in technological innovation. 

Yet, competition is at an all-time high, as manufacturers strive to create products that are lighter, thinner and more advanced than ever before.

In the arms race for cutting-edge technology, tailored semiconductor properties can give you a leg up on your competitors.

We explain how to unlock your competitive advantage in a volatile industry below.

1. Differentiation

While standard semiconductor materials are readily available as off-the-shelf products, few are designed for the specific requirements of one target application. 

Instead, they try to serve as many different applications as possible, ultimately compromising performance in the process.

With tailor-made semiconductor materials, the benefits are two-fold. Not only is the solution designed to solve for your unique challenges in semiconductor markets, but also the customized properties are almost impossible to replicate. This gives you the ability to differentiate your product in a competitive marketplace.  

2. Better Return

While the R&D phase for tailor-made versus off-the-shelf materials may take longer, the finished product pays dividends in return.

With a tailored design, the resulting sensors and systems can often be made smaller and lighter. This is possible by removing and/or replacing unnecessary components, translating to improved power and performance. Not to mention, the reduction in components shortens the time between initiation and completion of the production process. 

Finally, smaller sensors and systems enable these technologies to enter new markets that were previously inaccessible, including aerospace and automotive—among others.

3. Personalized Experience 

In order to tailor the properties of semiconductor materials, the team you’re working with must take the time to understand your distinct needs.

Despite the upfront costs, tailoring properties results in a unique solution, optimized for your needs. Some things to consider with customization include:

  • Material property requirements
  • Research and development timelines
  • Project end-goals 

The ability to work back-and-forth with developers is a huge benefit of tailoring semiconductors materials, as it gives you complete transparency into every step of the process. But, this personalized experience isn’t possible with standard solutions. 

As a subsidiary of Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., Promerus is positioned to deliver unique materials to the market. Our team of experts will work with you around the clock to unlock your competitive advantage with tailored semiconductor materials. For other valuable information about the solutions we offer, download The Complete Guide to Semiconductor Materials


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Leah Langsdorf

Written by Leah Langsdorf

Quality and Analytical Manager at Promerus